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Flights & Bites Announces Exclusive Offer for Chamber Members

Exclusive Chamber Members Discount Offering: Go to our website and register to WIN!
Flights & Bites, the Emerald Coasts’ premiere, virtual wine boutique is offering free memberships and $20 online gift coupons during the month of March for Chamber Members (required 21+ years). Members’ benefits include earned points for every purchase, special promotions, discounts on various wines and wine products, tasting event discounts, early release promotional wines (before general public), and palate assessments that allows our sommelier to select wines that are perfect for your palate.  We also offer delicious on-line recipes, along with wine recommendations, perfectly paired to enhance your wine tasting experience.
To enjoy your gift coupon, go to, sign up for “Wine, Dine Daily.”  We will provide you the discount coupon code to be redeemed at checkout.
Free delivery for members; to your home, office, hotel, vacation rental or beach pavilion (minimum order required).

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