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Will You Help a Veteran this Christmas — and Beyond?

Hello Destin,

As a 20-year veteran in Special Operations, I’ve gone through many challenges because of my military service and time in combat. So in 2011, my wife and I felt called to start SOF Missions as a way to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in arms.

The hard reality is that, every day, more than 20 of our nation's veterans take their own lives. I could have been one of them...

These are the brave men and women who fight so courageously to protect our livelihood and this should not be the end of the story for them. 

This Christmas, through your selfless support of SOF Missions, YOU can help us change these unacceptable statistics.


Our programs for veterans specifically focus on suicide prevention and resiliency. What we’ve been able to accomplish so far is incredible, but we need your help to reach even more veterans who are losing hope.

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