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SocialLee Relevant Podcast Episode 31: How I Scored 2,000+ Podcast Interviews with Erik Jacobson of Lemonpie and Hatch

Podcasts are a powerful tool for business owners to generate multiple forms of content, and they can also present huge opportunities for businesses to expand their reach to their target audience through podcast interviews.

Podcast interview features are emerging as a leading form of earned media, which means that podcast hosts are getting pitches from potential guests more often. So how do you stand out as a valuable podcast guest during your pitch?

In episode 31 of Sociallee Relevant, Whitney Lee is chatting with Erik Jacobson, Founder of Lemonpie and Hatch, on how you can appeal to podcast hosts during your pitch and how you can deliver value that will make a powerful impact on listeners.

As the Founder of Lemonpie, a podcast PR agency, Erik helps business leaders land interviews on podcasts that their target audience is already listening to, and through his company Hatch his team helps businesses create their own podcasts that are led by proven strategies.

Listen now.

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