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Shelter Dogs Find Loving Homes After Lengthy Waits: Red, 593 Days, and Gunner, 582 Days

In a heartwarming turn of events, two resilient shelter dogs, Red and Gunner, have found their forever homes after enduring lengthy stays at Alaqua Animal Refuge. Red, with an astonishing 593 days of waiting, and Gunner, with 582 days, captivated the hearts of staff and volunteers during their time at the refuge. Their stories shed light on the challenges faced by larger black dogs in shelters, often leading to their overlooked status despite their lovable nature.

Red, a lovable bulldog, and Gunner, a big goofball of over 100 pounds, entered the care of Alaqua Animal Refuge with tales of abandonment and longing for a place to call home. Despite their captivating charm and endearing personalities, these two remarkable dogs faced extended stays due to common biases against larger black dogs.

Staff trainer Ashley Englehart explained, "Gunner's size and being a black dog over 100 pounds were factors that often caused him to be overlooked. However, among the staff and volunteers, he was an absolute favorite and just a big goofball, full of love and playfulness."

Undeterred by the passing of time, the dedicated team at Alaqua Animal Refuge showered Red and Gunner with love, care, and attention, providing them safe havens amidst the uncertainty of shelter life. Their tireless efforts to find them loving homes never ceased, as they tirelessly promoted their profiles through social media campaigns, community events, and collaborations with local businesses.

On separate occasions, fate intervened when compassionate individuals met Red and Gunner while visiting the facility. Captivated by their endearing faces and tales of resilience, these individuals recognized the true potential and companionship that Red and Gunner could offer. The magical unions formed between the dogs and their new families transcended words, capturing the essence of unconditional love.

The joyous occasions of Red's and Gunner's adoptions were celebrated at the Refuge, as staff and volunteers witnessed the transformative power of compassion and perseverance. The collective cheers, tears of joy, and overwhelming sense of accomplishment filled the shelter walls, affirming the belief that every shelter animal deserves a chance at a fulfilling life. The staff and volunteers lined up along the sidewalk to celebrate their freedom walks out of the refuge doors.

Red's and Gunner's journeys serve as poignant reminders of the countless shelter animals patiently awaiting their second chance. It is a testament to their unwavering spirits, resilience, and the transformative power of adoption. Through these heartwarming stories, we hope to inspire the community to consider opening their hearts and homes to shelter animals in need.

Alaqua Animal Refuge extends its deepest gratitude to the adoptive families of Red and Gunner for their decision to change lives and offer these dogs the love and stability they deserve. Their acts of compassion have forever altered the course of Red's and Gunner's stories, from ones of uncertainty to tales of triumph.

If you are interested in adopting a shelter pet like Red or Gunner, or supporting Alaqua Animal Refuge's mission to provide care and find forever homes for animals in need, please visit or contact Alaqua Animal Refuge at 850-880-6399.


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