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Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club Redefines the Country Club Stereotype

It has been a year since Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club (SRGBC) proudly announced its membership is full, ifs waitlist at full capacity and that it will be going fully private. A year later, and the club is proving to be more than the antiquated “country club.” In fact, at 47, the average age of members has actually dropped nearly 15 years in the last few years, defying the stereotype that many club memberships are for retirees. Although the club offers something for everyone of all ages.

Going fully private has given the staff additional time and resources towards prioritizing member satisfaction; yet members are not the only ones reaping the membership’s benefits. SRGBC is a tight knit community. When a tragic forest fire in May 2020 destroyed homes near the club, members raised $10k to pay for the living expenses of fellow members and staff whose homes were destroyed. When the food and beverage staff was unable to work during COVID, the membership continued to pay its salaries. This support and comradery truly shows the core values of the special people who make up the membership. The foundation of the SRGBC community is the unique relationship between staff and members. Prioritizing people has always been part of the SRGBC ethos. 

Going fully private has also allowed staff and ownership to expand offerings and benefits based on the membership’s feedback and desires. With an increase in demand for golf lessons and higher expectations for the overall golf experience, the club invested in its Golf Performance Center. In addition to a Director of Golf, SRGBC also has a PGA Director of Instruction and three assistant professionals who focus on superior service to the members and guests, tournament play and golf instruction. The club recently introduced and hired for the role of Supervisor of Outside Services – a concierge for players on and off the golf course. The club recognized the membership’s desire for elevated golf offerings and sought out the most talented instructors and newest technology, furthering the value of the membership.

SRGBC takes pride in knowing that members consider the club an extension of their home – flip flops, board shorts. It is quintessential Florida living: warm sand with even warmer smiles. Couples, families or individuals looking to join are encouraged to stay connected with SRGBC through social media, for future wait list considerations. 

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