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NWFSC Receives Energy Stewardship Recognition

Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) has received the Energy Stewardship recognition from Cenergistic, a national energy conservation company, for its comprehensive energy conservation program which decreased the College’s CO2 emissions by 51,417 metric tons over the past eight years.

“Dr. Devin Stephenson, the board members, and the administration are demonstrating wise fiscal and environmental stewardship by implementing this unique organizational behavior-based energy conservation program,” said Dr. William S. Spears, CEO and Founder of Cenergistic. “Using human resources to reduce energy use saves natural and financial resources for the organization and the community.”

The College’s comprehensive program addresses energy use throughout the district and delivers financial savings and an environmental benefit from a reduced carbon footprint. Energy not used prevents the emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. According to EPA/EGrid figures, since the program began, NWFSC has prevented CO2 emissions equivalent to 124,864,375 miles not driven, or 850,196 pine trees over the course of 10 years.

“This energy program is another example of our team practicing good stewardship,” said NWFSC President Dr. Devin Stephenson. “I am grateful for the willing participation from our faculty and staff, which has greatly contributed to our success.” 

For more information on NWFSC’s energy conservation program, please contact Randall White, NWFSC’s Vice President of Business Operations and Finance, at (850)729-6404 or

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