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Destin Continues to Provide Flood Protection to Properties

Annually, the City of Destin provides an update to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on the progress made in mitigating flood losses through the planning and construction of stormwater management projects. This update also complies with the requirements for the National Flood Insurance Program
Community Rating System.

Due to the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is prone to significant rainfall events that impact the overall number of repetitive loss properties. Typically, these events vary from typical thunderstorms that bring 1”- 3” of rain to local flood events that bring excess of 6” of rain during an event, as well as tropical storms and hurricanes. In recent years, the City has focused on identifying and remediating repetitive loss areas that correlate with the city’s Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS). This strategy has proven to be successful given the recent number of substantial stormwater and flood control projects that have been completed.

The following is a list of stormwater mitigation projects completed in the last 12 months.
• Cleaning and Maintenance of four stormwater treatment units (hydrodynamic separators) that discharge into Destin Harbor. STATUS: Completed March-April 2024.
• Completion of five stormwater improvement projects (corrugated metal pipe replacement) – STATUS: Completed Fall 2023
• Installation of swales along Airport Road at Cedar – STATUS: Completed August 2023
• Installation of swales along Gulf Shore Drive – STATUS: Completed Late 2023
• Installation of Sibert Ave swale – STATUS: Completed March 2024
• Installation of Juanita Ave swales – STATUS: Completed February 2024
• Installation of Country Club Drive West swale – STATUS: Completed April 2024
• Installation of a pump-out conduit for Four-Prong Lake (closed basin) – STATUS: Winter 2024
• Update to and long-range project planning per the City’s Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan. STATUS: In process.
• Update to the City’s Land Development Code as it pertains to floodplain management, stormwater management, and water quality. STATUS: In process.

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