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NWFSC Student Advisory Board Make a Significant Impact at Florida College System’s Annual Leadership Conference

The Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) Student Advisory Board made a significant impact at the annual End-Year Conference of the Florida College System Student Government Association, hosted by Seminole State College in Sanford, Florida, April 19-20, 2024. Among the accolades, NWFSC student Abdiel Alvarado-Pabon secured the Region Rookie Student Award, Lillian Roller received the Region Student Leadership Award, and Connor Kilroy was honored with the State President's Award. Additionally, the NWFSC chapter was recognized for its commitment to service, earning the State Volunteer Award for accumulating over one hundred hours of volunteer work.


"Our students' remarkable achievements at the annual End-Year Conference highlight the spirit and dedication that define the Northwest Florida State College community,” expressed NWFSC President Dr. Devin Stephenson. “I am immensely proud of each participant's contribution in making this event a monumental success.”

During this two-day event, participants also had the chance to complete the Florida Leadership Training (FLT) certification, a program covering six core courses in three categories and a Capstone session. The categories and courses include Civics and Civic Engagement, Social Responsibility, Campus Involvement, Event Coordination, Effective Meetings, Leadership, Effective Communication, and Ethical Leadership. Five NWFSC students—Joshua Fillion, Jayden Munoz, Nyeli Reyes, Karissa Grant, and Joselin Cardenas—proudly completed this certification. Additionally, for those previously certified, the conference offered an opportunity to lead educational sessions. NWFSC student Lillian Roller, who serves on the regional and state executive boards, led a session providing valuable educational feedback.

The Florida College System Student Government Association (FCSSGA) represents the nearly one million students enrolled in the Florida College System's 28 colleges. The organization promotes legislative advocacy and training, leadership development, service-learning, the promotion of campus activities, and strong citizenship. ​


Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) stands as the foremost educational institution in the region. It boasts two campuses, five education centers, and a range of online and dual enrollment options. Guided by a vision to transform lives through exemplary, relevant programs and educational experiences, NWFSC is dedicated to meeting the workforce demands of our ever-changing economy.

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