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Eco Clean Marine Wins Prestigious ICON 2024 National Award and Welcomes New Sponsors Amidst Rapid Organizational Growth

Eco Clean Marine, a Gulf Shores-based nonprofit advocate for waterway conservation and cleanliness, is thrilled to announce its victory in securing the ICON 2024 national award by Iconic USA. This recognition is a testament to the organization's dedication to environmental literacy, community engagement in conservation efforts, and its leadership in initiatives aimed at safeguarding marine and aquatic ecosystems.
Eco Clean Marine has experienced remarkable growth in just two years, swiftly becoming a pivotal force in the movement for cleaner, healthier waterways from Fort Morgan, Alabama, to Panama City, Florida. The ICON 2024 Award, which honors regional nonprofits for their commitment to overcoming environmental challenges and inspiring change, marks a significant milestone in Eco Clean Marine's journey.
Courtney Dombroski, Executive Director of Eco Clean Marine, expressed her gratitude and excitement: "This award reflects the hard work and passion of our volunteers, sponsors, and community. It's a powerful encouragement that strengthens our resolve to push forward, expanding our reach and deepening our impact on waterway conservation."
Eco Clean Marine is also proud to announce the addition of five new sponsors this January, a move that bolsters the nonprofit's capacity to host more events, contribute significantly to educational efforts, and inspire young minds toward conservation. These collaborations are pivotal in enabling Eco Clean Marine to amplify its initiatives, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the health of all waterways.
New Sponsors Include:

  1. Riviera Utilities
  2. Living My Best Life Realty
  3. Legacy Window Films
  4. Tiki International Fun Group
  5. Florida Metal Works
The commitment of our new sponsors empowers Eco Clean Marine to enhance its mission through expanded community engagement and increased educational outreach. This partnership underlines the shared vision of a sustainable future for our waterways, ensuring they remain vibrant and life-supporting ecosystems.

Eco Clean Marine invites the community to join in its mission by becoming sponsors, volunteering at events, and participating in educational and conservation initiatives. Together, we can achieve a lasting impact on the health and preservation of our waterways.

For more information on how to get involved or to learn more about Eco Clean Marine's initiatives, please visit
About Eco Clean Marine
Eco Clean Marine is a nonprofit organization servicing areas from Fort Morgan, Alabama, to Panama City, Florida, dedicated to promoting the conservation and cleanliness of local waterways. Through advocacy, direct action, and community engagement, Eco Clean Marine aims to inspire collective actions that lead to healthier, more sustainable aquatic environments.

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