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New Destin IV Hydration and Oxygen Bar Aqua Vitae Announces Opening Date

IV Hydration and Oxygen Bar Aqua Vitae is excited to announce the opening of its new location in Destin, Florida. As the first location, the clinic will be accepting bookings for intravenous hydration treatments beginning on Oct. 6. The treatments have grown in popularity in recent years among people who want a simple treatment with fast results. In IV Hydration, an intravenous drip with fluids and electrolytes, is administered directly into the bloodstream in a session typically lasting 45 minutes to an hour.

Because Aqua Vitae knows that everybody is different, the clinicians at Aqua Vitae design custom solutions and dosages for each client to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment and help each person with their specific needs. Unlike many popular sports drinks, IV fluids contain no unnecessary ingredients, instead delivering only natural substances helpful to the human body. Owners George Dockendorf, D.O., and Wade Kaelin, RN, with more than 30 years of combined experience, will be seeing interested clients from their new location at 4507 Furling Ln Ste 207, Destin, FL 32541. Dockendorf and Kaelin said, “We are looking forward to Aqua Vitae becoming Destin’s premier IV hydration bar.”

In advance of the Grand Opening, Aqua Vitae has released a brand-new website, which offers information about the clinic and services, pricing, appointment booking, and more. The pricing page, for example, lists numerous packages:
- “The Top Me Off”, for $179, includes a 500ml or half liter IV fluid infusion.
- Meanwhile, “The Juice Me Up” package offers a full liter, 1000ml, of IV fluid infusion.

There are several options for those that are just interested in the oxygen bar. Those interested in infusion appointments can easily request their preferred time directly on the new website, with appointments starting on Oct. 6. The clinic will also be having a grand opening event, for select guests who have received special invitations.

There are many reasons a person can become dehydrated, whether they are forgetting to drink sufficient water, or are primarily drinking fluids that don’t properly hydrate them. For some people, replenishing electrolytes can be as important as drinking water for hydration. Occasionally, people like to get intravenous hydration after a night of overindulgence, because they believe the targeted fluids might help them feel better faster. Others swear by the treatments for jet lag or athletic performance recovery. Readers who want to learn more about the services available at Aqua Vitae can view the company Facebook page.

IV Hydration sessions at Aqua Vitae are clinically supervised, and customers can rest assured that all equipment has been properly sterilized and disinfected prior to use. The website also notes that not everyone is a good candidate for IV Hydration. Aqua Vitae has everyone fill out a simple prescreening questionnaire to ensure they don’t have additional risk factors that may complicate the treatment, or if they feel someone requires proper medical attention from an appropriate medical facility. Anyone who wants to learn more can visit the company website.

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