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Meet Local Photographers Offering Wedding, Portrait & Real Estate Photography with Service & Quality

We are members of the Destin Chamber and wanted to introduce ourselves to everyone. My name is John, and my wife is Natalie. We own McCain’s Creations Photography, located here in Destin. We aren’t just any other photography business out there; we bring a different vibe to the photo. McCain’s Creations specializes in off camera lighting. What does that mean? Basically that means we can capture all the colors within the photo beyond what the human eye can sometimes see. Our photos are not the airy blown out backgrounds. They are vivid, detailed and ready for large prints. My wife and I specialize in children as well. We are big faith-driven, God-loving people that just know how to connect with kids. We have twins ourselves, after years of trying and turning to IVF, so the passion is 100%. We do handle wedding, portraits, and real estate. I (John) spent 12 years in banking. Some of you may know me from BB&T Bank, where I was the sitting VP for more than three years in Destin. 

Saying all of that, we understand and master client service and detail, we have a gift of capturing memories, and, thanks to the years of banking and coaching, we know how to connect and convert clients to family and friends. We wanted to say "Hi!" We hope your business is prosperous, and if we can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate. 

We don’t have a studio; however, we can accommodate almost everybody’s needs. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

John & Natalie McCain
McCain’s Creations Photography LLC
“You Create the Moments, We Create the Memories”

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