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Eglin Federal Credit Union Partners with Okaloosa County School District to Bring Financial Literacy

Eglin Federal Credit Union and the Okaloosa County School District teamed up to bring financial literacy to high school students. Approximately 60 high school students from the 9th to 12th grades participated in lessons facilitated by Eglin Federal Credit Union’s VP Membership and Community Development, Neko Stubblefield, at Crestview High School on April 9. The personal financial literacy course covers a wide range of topics, from opening a checking or savings account to planning for retirement.
“Eglin Federal Credit Union is committed to the communities we serve by providing free financial education,” said Stubblefield. “By offering this course in local high schools, we aim to empower young people to develop healthy financial habits that will serve them throughout their lives.” 
Superintendent Marcus Chambers emphasized the Okaloosa County School District's commitment to enriching students' education, equipping them with essential life skills, including financial literacy, to enable them to succeed in life. He said, “The school district is grateful for the support of Eglin Federal Credit Union in facilitating financial education sessions to supplement the course curriculum, which will help students develop sound financial habits and achieve economic prosperity.”
Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 1054, the Dorothy L. Hukill Financial Literacy Act, March 22, 2022. This act makes it mandatory for high school students to complete a financial literacy course to qualify for a standard high school diploma. The requirement applies to students who enrolled in high school in the 2023-2024 school year.

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