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Eco Clean Marine Hosts Successful Harbor Cleanup in August 2022

On behalf of Eco Clean Marine, we are excited to share with you another successful trash pick-up we had on Aug. 6, at HarborWalk in beautiful Destin, Florida! This trash pick-up was a huge success. We picked up over 15 buckets of trash that had been left behind.  

Unfortunately, littered beaches and waterways are a real problem, and what's sad is that it's from us, locals, and tourists. Have you perhaps walked around at the beach or any body of water and found trash or debris floating around?  We can stop this pollution to our ecosystems if we properly disposed of our trash.

So we're on a mission to keep our waterways clean locally! We're putting out garbage cans, creating awareness, and calling on more volunteers to participate in our monthly trash pick-ups at various destinations. 

Our wonderful volunteers like you have picked up a ton of trash in the last six months and overcome the problem we face every day. 

Although we face this challenge to keep trash out of our waterways, we aim to stop the litter in our Gulf to help prevent the severe problem for all of us, and thankfully there is hope. With your help, we can solve this crisis together.

Eco Clean Marine hosts trash pick-up events monthly to better our community. Please find us on Facebook to volunteer for our upcoming events.

Eco Clean MarineEco Clean Marine

Eco Clean MarineEco Clean Marine

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