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Eco Clean Marine Hosts Successful Earth Day and Tayana Ring Beach Cleanup Events

Eco Clean Marine, a local organization dedicated to preserving and protecting our beaches and oceans, hosted two successful events this past weekend.

On April 22, in honor of Earth Day, Eco Clean Marine hosted a monthly trash pick-up event in the east past Marina area of Destin. Despite the early start time, 18 volunteers showed up to help within just one hour, resulting in 15 5-gallon buckets of trash being removed from the area. The event was a huge success, with prizes donated by Extreme H2O and BOTE given away to volunteers, including a two-hour sunset cruise on an 18-passenger tiki boat donated by Destin Private Tiki.

On Sunday, April 23, Eco Clean Marine participated in the Tayana Ring Beach Cleanup, a memorial event in honor of Tayana, a local beach-goer who was passionate about keeping our beaches clean. Volunteers worked tirelessly for two hours to pick up 13 5-gallon buckets of trash at Perdido Beach access number four. Jeff Weroeinski organized the event, and Eco Clean Marine was honored to be a part of it.

Overall, the two events resulted in 28 5-gallon buckets of trash being removed from our beaches and oceans. Eco Clean Marine is grateful for the support of its volunteers and community members, without whom the organization would not be able to make such a positive impact on the environment.

Eco Clean Marine's next event will occur on April 29th in Fort Walton, assisting the Earth Day Trash Pickup at the BoardWalk. Along with having a booth at the Lulu's Boat Show from April 28th to April 30th. To learn more about the organization and upcoming events or to get involved, please visit

Thank you for helping us share our message and raise awareness about protecting our beaches and oceans. With your help and reach, we can make a bigger impact on the environment and inspire more individuals to take action. Together, we can make a positive difference for the planet and future generations.

Courtney Dombroski

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