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Eco Clean Marine and Original Oyster House Join Forces for a Highly Successful Trash Pick Up Event

Eco Clean Marine, a leading environmental organization committed to preserving our marine ecosystems, partnered with the renowned Original Oyster House to conduct a massive trash pick up event. The initiative took place on July 22ed and saw an overwhelming response from volunteers and local businesses, showcasing the power of collective efforts in safeguarding our environment.
The event kicked off at 7:45 AM, with an enthusiastic team of 30 volunteers gathering at the Original Oyster House to embark on the mission to make a significant impact. Over the course of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, the dedicated volunteers diligently collected trash, leaving a lasting positive mark on the community.
Thanks to the passion and hard work of the volunteers, an astounding 43 5-gallon buckets of trash were collected during the cleanup. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the dedication of Eco Clean Marine and its partners in fostering sustainable practices and ensuring the well-being of our natural surroundings.
What made the event even more memorable was the spirit of camaraderie and celebration among the participants. Eco Clean Marine organized an exciting raffle, providing a platform to express gratitude to the volunteers and participants. Generous contributions from various companies made the raffle a resounding success. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the following organizations for their valuable support:
    Original Oyster House
    Paradise Marine Center
    Our Coffee
    Holiday Inn Express in Orange Beach
    A2Z Specialty Advertising
Soul Bowls
The raffle prizes included gift cards, mugs, merchandise, and a complimentary night stay at the Holiday Inn Express along with free smoothies at the end of the pickup. These prizes added an element of enjoyment and reward, making the event not only impactful but also an enjoyable experience for all involved.
"We are deeply grateful to all the volunteers and businesses who joined hands with Eco Clean Marine and the Original Oyster House in making this event a grand success," said Courtney Dombroski, Director of Eco Clean Marine. "It is heartening to witness the community's dedication to environmental conservation and the enthusiasm with which they contributed to this significant endeavor.”
The event's success is a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in tackling environmental challenges and fostering a cleaner and greener world. Eco Clean Marine and the Original Oyster House are committed to continuing their joint initiatives in the future, as they remain steadfast in their commitment to the planet.
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