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Destin Provides Flood Protection to Properties through Planning & Capital Improvement 2022

Annually, the City of Destin provides an update to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on the progress made in mitigating flood losses through the planning and construction of stormwater management projects. This update also complies with the requirements for the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System. Due to the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is prone to significant rainfall events that impact the overall number of repetitive loss properties. Typically, these events vary from typical thunderstorms that bring 1”- 3” of rain to local flood events that bring excess of 6” of rain during an event, as well as tropical storms and hurricanes. In recent years, the city has focused on identifying and remediating repetitive loss areas that correlate with the city’s Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS). This strategy has proven to be successful given the recent number of substantial stormwater and flood control projects that have been completed. These projects are listed on the City’s 2016 & 2021 LMS and other City initiatives are as follows:
Priority 4b: Stormwater improvements on Sandalwood Drive. STATUS: Completed Fall 2017.
Priority 4c: Stormwater Swales and retention for Joe’s Bayou Area. The city improved an upgrade the existing stormwater management system for Heritage Run Subdivision by constructing of a 2800cf wet well, installing of two 40 horsepower (HP) pumps with an additional five horsepower backup pump. An emergency generator was installed for backup power, and this system has been maintained regularly ever since. STATUS: Completed Fall 2016.
Priority 4d: Stormwater Swales and Retention for Kelly Street Area including portions of Benning Drive. STATUS: Completed Fall 2017.
Priority 5a: Stormwater Swales and Retention for Maltezos Street Area. STATUS: Completed Summer 2017.
Priority 6a: Replace culverts and swale system in Indian Bayou Subdivision in a flood prone area. STATUS: Completed Spring 2017.
Priority 6c: Improve Stormwater Swales along a section of Calhoun Avenue. STATUS: Completed Fall of 2018.
Priority 15a: Permanent Stabilization of Norriego Point.  STATUS: Completed in 2018.
Calhoun Avenue and Cross Street, drainage, and water quality improvements. STATUS: Completed September 2021. 
Inspection of over 800 storm sewer inlets. STATUS: Completed October 2021.
Inspection and maintenance on 30 storm sewer outfalls. STATUS: Completed February 2022.
Construction of roadside swales on 3rd and 4th Streets (flood abatement). STATUS: Completed April 2022.
Construction of roadside swales on Gulf Shore Drive (2 locations, flood abatement). STATUS: In process. 
Update to the City’s Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan. STATUS: In process.
Update to the City’s Land Development Code as it pertains to floodplain management, stormwater management, and water quality. STATUS: In process.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call Michael Burgess, Public Works Director, at 850-837-6869, or via email at

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