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Destin Commons Welcomes Grunt Style to their Lineup of Retailers

Destin Commons is delighted to welcome Grunt Style to their lineup of popular and unique retailers. In 2009, a former Army Drill Sergeant started Grunt Style in Fort Benning, Georgia with just $1,200 in his pocket. Today, this location is Grunt Style’s first location in Florida and 14th in the nation. 
With the military being such an integral part of this community, Grunt Style is a brand representative of the values that we collectively share. Grunt Style is dedicated to displaying that American pride through their vast selection of apparel (Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s Collections), gear, and accessories. Taking the fighting American spirit and instilling it in everything they do, Grunt Style delivers a lifestyle brand to not only veterans but to everyone that loves the USA. You will find the most patriotic apparel on the planet where everything is 100% guaranteed for life.
“Grunt Style officially opens our doors today at Destin Commons. We are excited to introduce our brand to Floridians, and the many tourists that visit this wonderful state.”
-Helen Bruemmer, Grunt Style Director of Retail Operations
“It’s exciting to have the 1st Grunt Style in the State of Florida at Destin Commons.  We are proud to partner with a Veteran founded brand that is representative of our community and the large military presence in the surrounding areas.”
-Cynthia Garber, Senior Leasing Manager

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