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Bit-Wizards Urges Businesses to Assess BCDR Plans Amidst Height of Hurricane Season

Managed IT Services company, Bit-Wizards, encourages businesses of all sizes to assess their business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plans as we reach the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. 25% of businesses fail to reopen after a disaster, which is why it’s crucial for companies that could be affected by a hurricane to take BCDR seriously and plan in advance.  

“If a disaster impacts your business and you don’t have a plan, at the very least, you’re going to lose clients, you’re going to lose money, and you’re going to lose productivity,” says Jason Monroe, Director of Solution Consulting at Bit-Wizards.  

A severe weather event can cost your business exponentially in both physical and non-physical losses. A business continuity and disaster recovery plan helps mitigate these risks by allowing you to continue operating during a disaster and offering protection should the worst happen during these events. A good BCDR plan includes: 
  • Decentralization & redundancy: Technology operations such as email, file servers, industry software, etc. should be running and backed up in the cloud, giving you remote access to everything needed to run your business and keeping important files and documents safe. 
  • Hardware management: Transportation and storage plans for important equipment like physical servers, computers, etc. should be made well ahead of time and disseminated to pertinent individuals, ensuring all hardware is protected and accounted for. 
  • Open communication: Means of communication and collaboration, such as Microsoft tools like SharePoint and Teams, should be set up and readily available for all employees to utilize so that everyone can continue to work together remotely. 
  • IT support: Continued guidance, management, and support from a managed service provider (MSP) or other team of IT professionals will ensure that your business continues to operate and communicate with clients and customers as normal during and after a storm.  
“If a hurricane comes into the gulf, Bit-Wizards is sending an email to clients to let them know ourbusiness continuity planis in place,” Monroe says. “We’re telling them not to worry because even if we have to evacuate, our Help Desk will continue to function so they can get assistance. We’ll give our clients pointers so all they have to worry about is getting up, walking away, and being safe. As long as they have internet, no matter where they are, they will still be able to work. A managed IT service will help take care of everything for you.” 

For companies interested in learning more or getting help with business continuity and disaster recovery, Contact Bit-Wizards.  

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