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Bit-Wizards Be the Magic Foundation’s Monetary and Skills-Based Donations Total More than $426k in 2022

Bit-Wizards’ Be the Magic Foundation (BTMF) reached new heights during its second year of conception. Through a variety of partnerships, a total of 24 local nonprofits, organizations, and students received a combined $176,362 in cash donations and over $249,800 in services and volunteer support throughout 2022.   
Founded in 2021, BTMF is committed to making the future of its community stronger and more viable through the support of Youth Development, Adults & Children with Special Needs, Animal Welfare, and Community Development. 

100% of all funding received by BTMF goes to its nonprofit partners. Bit-Wizards covers all administrative expenses, promotion and advertising costs, and other Foundation overhead. This ensures that every cent donated directly impacts the Northwest Florida nonprofit community.   

“Bit-Wizards’ Be the Magic Foundation is proud to have supported our community with over $400,000 in value to various causes supporting our pillars of Youth Development, Community Development, People with Special Needs, and Animals. The Be the Magic Foundation supported the Scouts, the HSU Foundation, Fresh Start for Families, PAWS, and many more. We are looking forward to continuing our support of the community at the same level in 2023 and with even more emphasis on volunteer efforts.” 

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